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You may already know me. Standard contact methods still apply. On this blogsite we  have

That's fun, right?


I'm Robbi Meador Walls.  My husband, aka Shmoopie, is Scott Walls. We married in 2009. Together, we have traveled to Italy, Morocco, S. Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.  Suffice it to say, we like to travel. 

I retired early, during the COVID. To date, Scott is still working which is providing us both with health insurance. Yay (thank you) Shmoopie!

See for Scott's current TRUE passion. He'd like to be working on this full time, but, you know, we still need income and insurance. 

But we are way closer than we've ever been to retirement for both. 

Currently we live in Charlotte, NC.  Our parents are gone. :(  My stepsons, Scott's sons, Austin and Alex, were raised in Georgia.  They and their wives, live elsewhere.  Sadly for us, they aren't in NC.

That's just a tiny bit of background for folks who don't know us. Even though this blog is about our journey of deciding and planning to move to Portugal, more will likely be revealed. 

We are considering a move to Portugal for our retirement years. This blog, at the suggestion of Jean Musa, is intended to document the journey. I've actually been researching this idea for something like a year, 

Scott read my first blog post (written on 9/4/2022) and was unimpressed, He expected it to be more professional. Sorry, man. I'm writing like I talk. He admitted (confessed?) that he's never read a blog. So. Like. Hello.

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